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Hey there good folks of DA!

It's commission time again, so don't miss out!! For now, I am going to open 10 slots for bust (from the head down to the chest) commissions. Here are the rates:

Sketch: $25              *any additional character is $5, no BG
Inked: $35               *any additional character is $5, any additional BG or decoration is $5
Digital Color: $55      *any additional character is $10, BG or decoration can range between $10-30

Please note me first with an explanation and any reference that I can go off on for your commission. Paypal payments will only be accepted, and commissions will only be started upon completion of the transactions. Please and thank-you, my good good, followers. ^_^

Open Slots:












End transmission on that bit. A huge thank-you to those that contribute.

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Hey there folks,


After the long trek from Atlanta, GA to Venice, CA I have finally arrived and settled in! So you very good, patient individuals who have been waiting on your traditional commissions being mailed to you... Here is a list of the progress of each of them being sent:

Slot 1: :iconnithin10: SENT

Slot 2: :iconorphen-sirius: SENT

Slot 3: :iconmechaghidorah: SENT

Slot 4: :iconwunderwolfer: SENT

Slot 5: :icondcwebb: SENT

Commission WIP:

:iconminnie-salinas: // digital


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...Life happens.

I'm going through a very difficult time in life. So as to explain the lack of posting.

Someday I hope to return with more new work to show.

For now, I'm going to try and....well. I don't know.


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Greetings my Deviant friends! I have some super exciting news for you, as well as something that YOU can contribute to!! THE ANTHOLOGY PROJECT Volume 2 is well underway, and we NEED YOU!!! That's right, YOU can be a part of helping to create volume 2 of the critically acclaimed beauty that is The Anthology Project book series!

Enter Kickstarter:…

This is an opportunity for us (the AP crew), to build a relationship with you (lovers of all things art). It's a way for everyone that loved Volume 1 to not only pre-order volume 2, but for you to help out in getting it off the ground in a very meaningful way!

Beyond that we'll be offering other things like prints, buttons, original sketches, special editions and signed copies of the books depending on the size of the donation.


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Hey there folks,

Many apologies for disappearing. It was getting a bit unmanageable and I completely fell for the April Fool's joke. So I left here for a bit, but now I've returned. Huzzah.


$10// Pencils of (1) Character

$15// Inked of (1) Character

$20// Full Color of (1) Character

If there are specific detailed commissions of a detailed scene, then note me and terms can be discussed. Thanks!


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